In the psychiatric context, trialogue refers to persons with psychiatric experience, family or friends of persons with psychiatric problems and mental health professionals meeting on the same level. Each person present is an expert in his or her own life. The conversation with each other is supposed to contribute to a lessening in mutual anxieties, an increase in equal rights in respective social roles and views becoming more transparent. 

Trialogue has reached a particular standing in Germany in the area of psychosis because of the psychosis seminars, first founded in 1987 in Hamburg by Dorothea Buck and Prof. Dr. Thomas Bock. 

The counselling approach of Experience Focussed Counselling by Romme & Escher does endorse trialogical ways of working as an optimal framework when working towards an improved way of dealing with voices. 

efc Counselling and Trialogue

The experience of the individual with his/her voices and the exchange with family and friends and mental health professionals as part of a trialogue did not only become known through efc. However, it does very firmly represent one of the starting points of Experience Focussed Counselling. Efc does facilitate an emancipatory approach of acceptance for voice hearers and of learning to constructively engage with the voices. 

Trialogical Group in Hanover, Germany

Every first Tuesday of the month a trialogical group on the topic of voice hearing takes place at 7 pm in the community centre in Linden, Hanover, Germany.

You are very welcome to simply turn up or to call Miss Senait Debesay for further information (Mondays from 7 pm to 9 pm, on 004917620153455).