Legal Responsibility

The following notes should be considered a purley legal clarification. To date there are no known adverse effects known to the efc Institute when it comes to employing the efc approach. On the contrary. As the efc approach can never be forced, nor should this be tried, efc can only ever remain an offer to which the voice hearer can agree or not agree. Employing and engaging in the efc approach does also only make any sense if the voice hearer and the accompanying person are truly willing to work on another way of working. This does include an understanding that the voice hearing person should not simply rely on the support of the efc trainer/counsellor/supervisor in order to achieve a positive change in their lives.

Legal disclaimer:

We would hope it to be considered a matter of course that trainers of the efc Institute, or those associated with it, cannot take on responsibility for the application of efc in practice by those trained in efc by the efc Institute. This does extend to persons having sought or about to seek counselling or support or supervision from members of the efc Institute, or those associated with the efc Institute, in relation to the application of efc in practice. For any potential damage thought to result from the application of efc in practice, members of the efc Institute, or those associated with it, cannot be held responsible legally or otherwise. 

In no case or circumstance will a trainer, supervisor or counsellor associated with the efc Institute therefore take on any legal or otherwise responsibility for any persons trained in efc, nor for any application of efc in practice by persons supported, supervised, counselled or trained in any way. 

There should be an understanding that the use of counselling and/or supervisory services provided by efc Institute trainers/counsellors/supervisors, or those associated with the efc Institute, by third parties (i.e. persons seeking these services), does take place entirely with the voluntary agreement of the third party and in the knowledge that efc trainers/counsellors/supervisors are not legally liable for their trainings, counselling or consultancy and supervisory services. It is explicitly the responsibility of third parties to familiarise themselves with this legal framework, before the here described support can be made use of. The efc Institute and its trainers/counsellors/supervisors, and those associated with the efc Institute, cannot take responsibility for this.

We do live in a society within which professionals within the helping professions are easily sued and they can loose their existence over this. We are therefore in no way, shape or form prepared to work with persons, who in turn would be prepared to potentially sue us or even simply threaten us with sueing, when it comes to differing opinions or questions in relation to our practice. 

Should this be an option for a person nonetheless (that is, to sue us or similar), who is seeking to take up our support, then we would ask that person not to enter into a working relationship with us. We are of course very happy to discuss differences in opinion. However, we are not prepared to support a very unhelpful atmosphere, in our opinion, of potentially being sued or similar. We do therefore assume that this should not represent a potential part of our offer of support. We do also reserve the right to withdraw our offer of support at any time without providing any reasons. We are not a statutory provider of psychiatric support and do offer our support voluntarily and out of conviction in its value. We do often have to sacrifice much of our free time and our money for it. We do like doing this, but we do also expect at the same time, that we are not going to be verbally abused or threatened or get treated with high expectations. We do further expect that no untruths are spread about us. We do ask that this sentiment would be respected and do appreciate when those persons seeking support would adjust their expectations accordingly.  

Please note:

When referring to support seeking persons, this does potentially include psychiatric or psychosocial or academic institutions or organisations and their professionals and any other potential participants or support seeking persons, who have decided to want to make use of our offers (this legal disclaimer was verified and found to be correct on 10 Jan 2014, 8 Jan 2015 and 9 Jan 2017).