Learning how to deal with voices in such a new way as proposed by efc does require a widening of perspective for most professionals, which includes a new way of looking at widely recognised professional theories. 

The efc Workshops do offer an opportunity to learn about how to systematically and collaboratively establish contexts between hearing voices and life stories. The workshops also offer a practice-based direct way of dealing with this experience. 


3-level basic training

Basic training is normally provided by Joachim Schnackenberg, Suzanne Engelen and Senait Debesay. 


efc Workshop I

In this workshop, theoretical and practical principles are taught in the application of the „Working with Voices“ (Coleman und Smith) workbook. 


efc Workshop II

The application of the Maastricht Hearing Voices Interview and the Maastricht Hearing Voices report is imparted in theory and practice in this workshop. Central foundation of this workshop is "Making Sense of Voices" (Romme und Escher, 2000).


efc Workshop III

In this final workshop, the systematic decoding process to understand who and what the voices represent is the subject of enquiry. Establishing a construct in theory and practice helps in this process. Foundation for this workshop is again "Making Sense of Voices" (Romme & Escher, 2000).  


Additional training

efc Voice dialogue workshop

This workshop does not form part of the three-part basic training. In this workshop theoretical and practical foundations on voice dialogue are imparted to participants. The efc Institute will normally seek to offer these workshops in collaboration with Dr. Corstens or Dr. May, as they are two of the leading professionals in this area worldwide. 


Shorter training

Shorter training can last between 2 hours and 2 days and can be tailored to the individul needs of an organisation. These shorter trainings are often favoured by organisations which prefer to have an overview of the efc approach to start off with. These shorter trainings can potentially be conducted by 1 or 2 efc trainers only. 


Current Workshops, Trainings, Talks, etc.

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