The staff at the efc Institute are available for talks. You can find a selection of talks given by Joachim Schnackenberg in recent years. 


Berne, Switzerland, 28 March 2014

The Hearing Voices Movement. Voices as agents of recovery and civil rights advocats for voice hearers, people accompanying them and society. (Talk in German). Conference: Recovery as an enrichment for psychiatry and society. 2nd international psychiatric conference on mental health and recovery in Berne, Switzerland (27 - 28 March 2014). 


Bremen, Germany, 18. Januar 2013

"Auf Stimmen hören. Erfahrungsfokussierte Beratung als Ausweg aus psychiatrischer Bedeutungslosigkeit." (Engl. translation. "Listening to voices. Experience Focussed Counselling as a way out of psychiatric meaninglessness" (Talk in German). Conference: VoiceVoicesMoods. Interdisciplinary approaches of and for phoniatrists, psychotherapists, speech and language therapists, philosophers, musicians, cultrual scientists, psychiatrists. Held at the Psychoanalytical Institute Bremen. 


Berne, Switzerland, 15. Oktober 2012

"Erfahrungsfokussierte Beratung mit Stimmenhörerinnen. Eine theoretische Einführung." (Engl. translation. "Experience Focussed Counselling with voice hearers. A theoretical introduction." (Talk in German)) Conference: Hearing voices. University-based psychiatric services (UPD), Berne. 


Linz, Austria, 10. September 2010

"Stimmenhören und Trauma". (Engl. translation. "Hearing voices and trauma.") (Talk in German). Conference: International hearing voices day, organised by Exit-Sozial e.V., Linz. 


Hildesheim, Germany, 10. Oktober 2009

"Stimmenhören als Recoveryfaktoren in der erfahrungsfokussierten Beratung." (Engl. translation "Hearing voices as recovery factors in Experience Focussed Counselling".) (Talk in German). Conference: International mental health day, at the town hall in Hildesheim.


Hanover, Germany, 16. Mai 2009

"Das Phänomen des Stimmenhörens in der Praxis der erfahrungsfokussierten Beratung." (Engl. translation "The phenomena of hearing voices in the practice of Experrience Focussed Counselling" (Talk in German) Conference: Carers' day of the AANB e.V. at the Medizinischen Hochschule Hannover (MHH). Conference topic: "Schizophrenia - understanding, treating, relieving." 


Hildesheim, Germany, 22. Oktober 2008

"Stimmenhören verstehen und bewältigen. Der neuartige Umgang in der Begegnung mit Menschen die Stimmen hören." (Engl. translation "Making sense of voices and coping with voices. The new aproach in the encounter with people who hear voices." (Talk in German) Conference: "Day of the Trialogue" in Hildesheim, in the context of the Hildesheim psychiatric days. 


Berlin, Germany, 19. Oktober 2007

"The Maastricht Interview. Encounters and experiences in the work with voices.". Conference: international conference of the Hearing Voices Network in Berlin: "Voices - listening or not listening?"