The efc Institute

The training concept of the efc Institute was developed in 2007 by Marius Romme, Sandra Escher and Joachim Schnackenberg in close collaboration with the German hearing voices network. 

The efc Institute has now been delivering training in Experience Focussed Counselling especially, but not solely, in German speaking countries since the annual Intervoice conference in Copenhagen in 2007. 

The efc Institute organises public workshops for any interested parties, voice hearers, carers and family, and professionally interested persons. It also offers internal training in psychiatric organisations and associated support services. 

In addition to training workshops the efc Institute offers therapists, psychiatrists, social workers, nursing staff and any other mental health professional supervision and regular practical consultation. There is also a trialogical group relating to the topic of voice hearing in Hanover, Germany.

Participation in training workshops I and II is awarded 18 and 20 points respectively from the psychotherapeutic association of the states of Lower Saxony and Bremen.

"Live your life and not the life of your voices". (Ron Coleman, 1999)